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Immigration round-up- Ireland -22 May 2020

1. Registration

INIS has announced Temporary arrangements for those awaiting immigration registration for first time registration:

'as a temporary measure between now and 20th July 2020, anyone in the State awaiting their 1st registration for the categories listed below, and who has a current, valid permission to remain, but does not have a current permission letter can apply to the Registration Office to request a letter confirming their permission to remain in the State and the conditions attached.

Stamp 1 Employment Permit Stamp 1 (General or Critical Skills)

Hosting Agreements

Stamp 1A Trainee Accountant

Stamp 1G Spouse / partner of Critical Skills Employment Permit holder

Stamp 2 Student

Stamp 4 Spouse of Irish National

Family Reunification Beneficiaries

For international English Language Students, the extension means that they may continue to work if they wish, but must be enrolled in a course of study to adhere to the conditions of their permission. Most colleges are now offering on-line courses, and students should contact their college directly to make any necessary arrangements.

All required documentation (see website for details) should be scanned and included in the application email. All eligibility criteria will continue to apply. Applications may be submitted electronically to the Registration Office, Burgh Quay, Dublin (bqregofficeapplications@justice.ie).

Where a permission has been granted, applicants will still be required to register the change as normal once the Registration Office in Burgh Quay and local Registration Offices reopen.

When the Registration Office reopens, priority will be given to those seeking to register for the first time. Those applicants for first time registration who had previous appointments cancelled will have their appointments rescheduled automatically. Other appointments will be made available exclusively for other first time applicants.

2. Bogus Law Firm

RTE have reported that a 'man has been arrested and around €60,000 has been frozen in a bank account as part of an investigation into an alleged bogus legal firm offering immigration services.' This arrest follows reports from October 2019 which I wrote about here.

Unfortunately I am regularly contacted by clients who were taken in by this bogus firm and who were badly advised or simply lied to about a legal or immigration process that does not exist.

Detective Chief Superintendent Pat Lordan of the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau said: "We are concerned that people in vulnerable positions are being taken advantage by fraudsters.

"We are advising persons seeking legal advice on immigration services or otherwise to check to ensure the person or persons they are dealing with have the appropriate qualifications and experience to provide such services."

The Law Society of Ireland have a helpful portal on their website that allows those seeking legal services to check a solicitors's record.

3. Plans to give status to undocumented migrants

The Irish Independent report that 'Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, and the Greens are discussing plans to give up to 17,000 undocumented migrants legal status in Ireland as part of their programme for government talks.'

This would certainly assist the huge numbers of people in the country without a permission. However as it also reported 'Fine Gael has been more sceptical of such a measure, previously arguing it could have "unintended and expensive consequences".

Its manifesto said it would work to identify "appropriate legal pathways" for the undocumented to regularise their status.'

I am helping many clients at the moment with lapsed permissions or without any permission at all and on assessment some of them have qualified for employment permits or dependent immigration permissions.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss any issues in relation to the above please do get in touch.

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