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Thinking of retiring? Ireland is an ideal place to enjoy your retirement


Thinking of retiring? Ireland is not the first place international retirees may think of. True the weather is not the best (or the worst!) but most visitors and residents don't come to Ireland for the weather. They go for the beautiful scenery, the warm friendly people, the culture and history and the amazing food and drinks scene. It is possible to emigrate to Ireland to retire. If you have an Irish grandparent your route is slightly different but for everyone else it is possible to apply for a 'low level' immigration permission called Stamp 0. I have helped people apply for this permission and work with an Irish based accountancy firm to verify the finances as required by the authorities. Read on below for more details.

Stamp 0

Stamp 0 is a low level immigration status which is not reckonable for Long Term Residence or Citizenship. It is granted to persons who have been approved by INIS for a limited and specific stay in Ireland though in practice will be renewed subject to continued compliance with the conditions of the scheme.

Three types of persons may be granted Stamp 0.

1. Elderly dependent relatives

For elderly dependent relatives, the financial criteria required to allow a person to sponsor an elderly dependent relative are set out the Family Reunification Guidance booklet of INIS

2. Persons of independent means

For persons of independent means, the financial threshold is generally considered to be €50,000 per person per annum, plus the person must have access to a lump sum of money to cover any unforeseen major expenses. This should be equivalent to, for example, the price of a dwelling in the State.

Financial documentation should be presented in tabular form and converted into Euros, clearly showing all income and expenditure on a monthly basis.

This must be certified by an Irish accountancy firm who have the requisite knowledge to interpret the format of the overseas banking / accountancy documentation.

3. Visiting academics

Visiting academics must be paid from outside the State and can work in the State for up to 9 months.

Obtaining the permission & registering in Ireland

Apply for permission

Applications are made in writing and the documents below must be enclosed.

Documents required for initial application for permission

Reason for the requestFull copy passportAny Irish AssociationsEvidence of finances verified by an Irish based accountant Evidence of private medical insurance with full cover in private hospitalsPolice clearance certificateHealth declaration

INIS will decide on the application and issue a letter of permission and issue a letter indicating if the permission is renewable or provide instructions on leaving the State at the end of the permission.

Renewing the Permission

An application must be made to INIS one month before expiry of the permission. The renewal application must include a full copy passport and evidence of continuing medical insurance and finances.


Ireland currently ranks 3rd in the Good Country Index and is a great place to live. If you would like any information on how to apply for a permission to live there get in touch.

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