• Aaron Flynn

Update on Employment Permits Quota for Meat Deboners

The DBEI has announced that the quota for employment permits for meat deboners has now been filled as of 1 February 2021. The Employment Permits Regulations 2017, Statutory Instrument No. 333 of 2019, set a maximum quota of 300 General Employment Permits for Meat Deboners. This follows previous updates from the DBEI which I reported on here.


I have been receiving numerous queries on these quota driven employment permits for over a year now as many companies and workers seek to regularise their employment. Unfortunately many workers and companies will now lose out having not progressed their employment permit plans quickly enough. Many employees will now need to consider their immigration position and this will require detailed analysis by a solicitor to advise on their options.

Please contact me if you have any employment permit queries or as a result of exhausted quotas will need immigration legal advice.

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