• Aaron Flynn

Updated Statement from the Minister for Justice on the recent Jones decision (absence from State).

Minister Flanagan has issued an update here on the recent Jones decision. The Minister confirms he has taken expert legal advice with a view to finalising a draft Bill to be introduced in the Oireachtas (Parliament) as soon as the Houses of the Oireachtas return to session. At present Parliament is due to reconvene on the 16th September 2019.

The Minister states that 'as soon as the Bill becomes law, my officials will make all necessary arrangements for the next Citizenship Ceremony. Invitations will issue at least four weeks in advance of the ceremony to ensure everyone has adequate notice.'

The Jones decision in the High Court found that applicants for naturalisation in Ireland could not be out of the country at all in the year before an application was submitted prompting the Government to resolve the issue by the legislative changes detailed above and as suggested by Mr. Justice Barrett in the Jones decision.

The Court of Appeal has listed the appeal of this High Court judgment for hearing on 8th October which may mean the appeal could be moot by the time it is heard.

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